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SAY36 - Provision of Fresh Japanese Seafood, Food, Condiments and Tableware

SAY36 Co., Ltd., has its humble beginnings in September of 2015. With roots entrenched in rural fishing, the company was established in the hopes of contributing to the prosperity and livelihood of regional communities throughout Japan. 
Commencing with seafood, sake and various cooking condiments, the crux of operations revolve around the provision of fresh local produce and quality foods found in the rural corners of the country. In line with supporting local areas and regional industry, as well as preserving traditional Japanese craftsmanship, we make an effort to procure our traditional crafts such as touki (ceramic pottery) and kimono from countryside Japan.   
Today there is an influx of young Japanese leaving their rural homelands to live and work in larger cities. This has created a deficiency in the number of people living in such areas who are able to maintain and support local industry. Through pushing our business forward, SAY36 strives to help those working in regional Japan and we have made it our mission to better improve regional economies and create a brighter future for all those involved. 
Company Mission
  • Support sustainable regional industry
  • Support the continuation of traditional crafts for future generations 
  • Support a society that embraces a healthy and prosperous lifestyle
Company Operations
  • Distribution of domestic fishery, forestry, and agricultural products and processed foods
  • Export of domestic fishery, forestry, and agricultural products and processed foods
  • Authorized dealer of Kaneaki Sakai Pottery
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