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Q. What are your prices?

As seafood prices fluctuate, please contact us to receive a quote on current prices. For all other items, a product list is available upon request. Click here to request the list. 


Q. What are our payment options?

We offer payment in advance or deposit payments. Once payment is confirmed products will be shipped. Deposit refers to a lump sum deposit, which is retained and allocated to your upcoming orders. The balance can be topped up when needed to help save on multiple bank fees as well as expedite shipping.  


Q. Is there a minimum order?

Yes, seafood is 30kg. For all other products, please contact us here.


Q. How long does it take to receive goods after ordering?

It will depend on the method of shipping requested and products ordered. Seafood and condiments can arrive the day after ordering when shipped by air and approximately 2-weeks when sent by sea. Made-to-order products, such as tableware, generally requires about 2-weeks to complete and when sent by sea another 2-weeks for delivery. 


Q. What are the shipping options?

Sea or air delivery. 


Q. Why can't you send sake to us? 

At present, we are unable to export sake due to certain exporting restrictions but are working on offering this product as soon as possible. 




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