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SAY36 is proud to offer the best seafood found in the rich fishing grounds of Japan. And when we say best, we mean the freshest, rarest, and highest quality seafood around - as good as you'd find in the finest restaurants in Tokyo. 


In order to meet the demand for fresh fish and connect local fisheries with cities in need of supply, SAY36 started distributing seafood on the domestic market in 2015. Expanding on this very idea, but with an international scope, SAY36 aims to provide the international market with the same great seafood that Japan currently enjoys.   


Dealing directly with a large network of fishermen and companies spanning the entire country, all the way from Hokkaido to Okinawa, SAY36 has access to the best fresh fish and seafood that the waters of Japan have to offer. And we can get it to you fast - just as fast as Tokyo. 



  • Fresh and Frozen Fish & Seafood

  • CAS Frozen Arrow Squid 

  • Dried and Processed Foods (ikura, shiokara, etc.)

  • Seasoning & Stock  (konbu, katsubushi, etc.)




Seafood from Japan

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